Richard Brodsky's Journey of Hope

Richard M. Brodsky has authored another book! Richard's new book, "Richard Brodsky's Journey of Hope" is a travelog of the Foundations involvement and impact on our local and global communities. This book is dedicated to the countless lives of friends, families an those infected or affected by HIV/AIDS and/or Cancer.

UPDATE: Richard Brodsky's Journey of Hope has just been updated as of October 2015 and 8 brand new pages have been added and many other pages have been updated, (Download: Journey of Hope). Be an armchair participant and/or sponsor (Sponsor Package)

A Journey of HopeMike Polansky, President of the Greater Long Island Running Club, comments: “There is no harder working team of race directors on Long Island than Richard and Jodi Brodsky.” Join Richard on his Journey through his journey that will be sure to raise hope and enthusiasm for the Foundations mission.  READ AN EXCERPT FROM THE BOOK

"Upon arriving in Africa, I was totally unprepared for the poverty that existed. I was very naïve in thinking that all you had to do was get the AIDS medicine and follow-up medical care to people living with HIV. I was totally unprepared to see firsthand the effects of malaria, tuberculosis, hunger, poverty, and the lack of clean drinking water. This really was a “Dark Continent.” Yet there were signs of hope which I embraced. From Nature’s perspective, Kenya has an alluring natural beauty with its wildlife and flowers. From a human point of view, we couldn’t help but feel how rewarding it was to be able to help the Kenyan orphans by sponsoring orphan dinner dances. The Richard M. Brodsky Foundation has sponsored 18 orphan dinner dances for 6,200 Kenyan orphans. Although there are more than 15,200,000 orphans living in Sub-Saharan Africa who have lost one or both parents to AIDS, at least as one volunteers said, we were bringing a ‘window of hope’ to some of those orphans. The orphans really did seem to appreciate Jodi and me coming to Africa, as they see us as people who really do care about them, as opposed to some corporate donor, whom they will never meet.

You be the judge as you continue to read through the next several pages: Are we a worthy charity? How many 63-year-young HIV+ brain cancer survivor Presidents of Foundations are running their fastest marathon since cancer to raise awareness and money for people living with HIV and cancer both in America and Africa?"


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