Annual Letter from Richard M. Brodsky


Welcome to the Richard M. Brodsky Foundation. I am President and Founder of the Foundation which bears my name. I've been told I see things different than most people; it’s not a question of whether the glass is half-full or half-empty: to me, it’s overflowing! Years ago, you could say I had it all, a successful Architectural practice, three super daughters, and my marathon-running-wife Jodi whose love has no boundaries. Back in 1997 I was diagnosed HIV-positive and in 2002, I was diagnosed with terminalcancer. I made a promise that if my life was spared, I would do everything I could to help others living with cancer and HIV.

Helping children, whether in Africa or America who were affected by AIDS or cancer was something I knew I had to focus on. As a father, I could not bear to think what would have happened to my children if my wife and I were born in Africa. Why was I born in America while some poverty-stricken-shoeless man with crooked and missing teeth was born in Africa!? Anyone have an answer, of course not. To date, the Foundation has sponsored orphan dinner dances for 6,200 Kenyan orphans. Most of these children have lost parents due to AIDS. These orphans seem to be so appreciative that real people, not some donor who can just write a check, but people like you and me, who can make the trip to Africa and plant smiles on the hundreds of orphans we impact. Pictured below is the orphan dinner dance the Brodsky Foundation sponsored on October 30. 2010 thanks to funds provided by Maidenbaum Property Tax Reduction Group, LLC., and the Dutra Family of Atlantic Beach and Dunkin Donuts of Lawrence and Valley Stream.

In the United States, the Richard M. Brodsky Foundation continues to sponsor FREE 5K Run/Walks for people living with HIV/AIDS, Cancer and their friends/families. Events continue to be a great opportunity to collect toys and cash for local hospitals as well as toys for children living with pediatric cancer. To date the Foundation has donated over $173,000 in cash, toys, and toiletry gift items and cash in America to those living with HIV and cancer. Whether you are a sponsor, participant, friend, volunteer, or even the first time viewer of this website; it is you who inspired me to write the book, A Journey of Hope. The book discusses our personal journey of hope while sharing photos and stories of the work we have accomplished.

“I am only one, but still I am one.

I cannot do everything, but still I can do something;

and because I cannot do everything,

I will not refuse to do something that I can do.”

Helen Keller




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