About the Richard M. Brodsky Foundation

AMSA in Kenya

Mission Statement

The Richard M. Brodsky Foundation is dedicated to raising awareness of HIV/AIDS and Cancer, and to continue to provide global innovative outreach programs that impact the lives of individuals living with HIV/AIDS and Cancer. We are focused on expanding our fundraising efforts to advance research and treatment of HIV/AIDS and Cancer.

Our mission at the Richard M. Brodsky Foundation is to provide food, shelter and shoes for orphans living in Kenya, raise money for research for the cure or vaccine for AIDS, to help those already afflicted with AIDS, and to help those with cancer.


The Foundation’s Specific Goals:

  1. To provide food, shelter and shoes for orphans living in Kenya and to raise awareness there are 11,400,000+ orphans living in sub-Saharan Africa who need food, shelter, shoes, vaccinations, clean drinking water, education and clothing.

  2. To fund AIDS research at the University of Florida.

  3. To urge the United States Postal Service to issue a commemorative stamp acknowledging that AIDS exists. A portion of the money from each stamp sold could be donated towards finding the cure.

  4. To help build up the AIDS infrastructure in Kenya by funding local projects and orphanages.

  5. To provide AIDS medication to African mothers-to-be to reduce the infant mortality rate.

  6. To fund research into finding a cure for brain cancer.

  7. To support HIV-positive people and cancer survivors.

  8. To raise awareness that HIV and brain cancer can be overcome by living a healthy, upbeat lifestyle, and to thereby bring hope to those who have it.

Where The Money Will Go

Net proceeds from the Foundation’s fundraising efforts will be distributed as follows:

The Foundation’s annual World AIDS Marathon: 100% to AIDS and cancer projects as noted on the Projects We Support webpage for Research, Living Aid and International.

The Foundation’s annual 5k / AIDS / Cancer / Run / Walk: 100% to AIDS and cancer projects as noted on the Projects We Support webpage for AIDS and Cancer Projects in Long Island, New York. Toiletry / gift items will be collected for people living with HIV and / or cancer, and toys will be collected for children living with cancer.

How the Money Will Be Raised

In 2005, the main fundraising vehicle was the 2005 World AIDS Marathon / 5K Fun Walk, and Conference/Exhibit in Gainesville, Florida. Funding for these events was sought from corporations, other Foundations, individuals, race entry fees and fees to attend the conference/exhibit. To the largest extent possible, donations of goods and services were also sought. The truth of the matter was that no money was raised and the Event cost the Foundation money. For 2006 through 2014, nine World AIDS Marathons did occur and money was donated to almost all the charities listed on the Foundation website. The Richard M. Brodsky Foundation also sponsored 18 orphan dinner dances for 6,200 Kenyan orphans + provided medical care for 691 orphans while saving the lives of 200+ orphans. Difficult to put a $ amount on saving a life!

How and Why the Foundation Came Into Being

In 1997, Richard Brodsky was diagnosed HIV-positive, and began taking AIDS medication, which he takes to this very day. In 2002, Richard suffered a seizure whose root cause turned out to be brain cancer unrelated to his HIV). He then underwent months of treatment for that, recovering in time to run the 2003 New York Marathon. Upon completing the Marathon, it occurred to him that he owed his life to the excellent medical care we have here in the United States – and felt there was no good reason why people in poorer countries shouldn’t be afforded the same type of care. Thus, the seeds of the Foundation were planted. Even though the Foundation had not yet received its non-profit status, in 2004 Richard organized the World AIDS Marathon in Mbita, Kenya, whose proceeds helped to partially fund an AIDS orphanage there.


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