Mission Overview

Serving Food at one of the many events sponsored by the Richard M Brodsky foundation

The mission of the Richard M. Brodsky Foundation is to provide food, shelter and shoes for orphans living in Kenya, raise money for research for the cure or vaccine for AIDS, to help those already afflicted with AIDS, and to help those with brain cancer. Pictured left, The Richard M. Brodsky Foundation efforts during the annual World AIDS Marathon, donates funding for medicine to Alice Visionary Foundation Project. On the eve of the World AIDS Marathon, 380 orphans were fed at Amilo Village, a shelter for orphans established by Beldina Opiyo Omullo in Kenya.

The Richard M. Brodsky Foundation has severalĀ  specific goals:

  1. To improve the lives of people affected by HIV and cancer both in Africa and America with a strong emphasis on helping orphans and children.
  2. To raise awareness to government, business and society that people living with HIV and cancer can lead healthy productive lives if they have access to medical care and medicine.
  3. To encourage others living with HIV to disclose their HIV-status. Remaining silent only perpetuates the stigma.
  4. To provide social activities for people living with HIV and cancer, for i.e., not charging people living with these illnesses to participate in local 5K Events.
  5. To run faster marathons as I age and to raise awareness that people, even those living with HIV and cancer, can reverse their aging process, even if it is just for a decade or two.
  6. To provide nourishing meals and medical care at festive orphan dances in conjunction with the World AIDS Marathon
  7. To raise money for research, new treatments, cures and/or vaccines that would extend the lives of people living with HIV and cancer


United We Serve

The President is calling on all Americans to participate in our nation's recovery and renewal by serving in our communities. There are many ways to get involved. America's new foundation will be built one community at a time - and it starts with YOU!
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