Richard's New Book: "A Journey of Hope"

Richard M. Brodsky has authored another book! Richard's new book, "A Journey of Hope" is a travel log of the Foundations involvement and impact on our local and global communities. This book is dedicated to the countless lives of friends, families and those infected or affected by HIV/AIDS and/or Cancer.

UPDATE: Richard Brodksy's Journey of Hope has just been updated as of October 2015 and 8 brand new pages have been added and many other pages have been updated, (Download book as PDF) . Be an armchair participant and/or sponsor (Sponsor Package)

Mike Polansky, President of the Greater Long Island Running Club, comments:

“There is no harder working team of race directors on Long Island than Richard and Jodi Brodsky.” Join Richard on his Journey through his journey that will be sure to raise hope and enthusiasm for the Foundations mission.

DOWNLOAD the New (October 2015) "A Journey of Hope."


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