NEW Research claims HIV could be Reduced to Minor Infection

Exciting new research reveals that a potent new vaccine may help to reduce HIV to no more than a minor chronic infection, according to Spanish researchers. ABC News states that the vaccine—known as MVA-B—could reduce HIV to the same category as the herpes virus.

Professor Mariano Esteban of the Spanish Superior Scientific Research council tested MVA-B on 24 healthy patients, and found that 90 percent of them developed an immunological response to the virus. Of those, 85 percent still had the response after one year of receiving the vaccine.

As ABC News states: “This is a big step in HIV/AIDS research, which still has a long way to go before a cure is found.” MVA-B contains four HIV genes that activate two types of white blood cells designed to attack and anihilate HIV-infected cells. Almost 75% of the test subjects developed HIV-specific antibodies after the vaccine in order to protect against the virus.

We are excited to see what additional research Esteban and his team will provide in the future.


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